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Syrian Forced Migration and Public Health in the European Union 
by Christine Crudo Blackburn and Paul E. Lenze Jr. 

This book highlights the elements of armed conflict that cause the re-emergence of infectious disease in conflict-affected countries and how the breakdown of public health infrastructure within a country leads to public health challenges for those in countries hosting displaced persons. By examining the connection between destruction of public health infrastructure in Syria, the re-emergence of previously controlled infectious diseases, and the impact of the Syrian forced migration on the EU, this book recommends targeted policies that the EU should enact for more effective protection of health for displaced persons and the host population. Click here to view on Amazon.

Preparing for Pandemics in the Modern World
Edited by Christine Crudo Blackburn

This book approaches many of the characteristics of pandemics and subsequent responses to create a holistic tool for understanding and reacting to pandemics in the modern age.  It brings together the lessons from past pandemics, the potential in a One Health approach, and tools of pandemic preparedness for policymakers and private industry alike.  Though mostly developed before the COVID-19 pandemic, this book is a useful guide for understanding pandemics and pandemic response for policymakers, scientists, and the public.  Because of its relevancy to the COVID-19 pandemic, the book has been made free to the public before it is formally published in the fall and can be accessed here.

Poverty and Neglected Tropical Diseases in the American Rural South
by Christine Crudo Blackburn and Macey Lively

This book explores how historical and structural discrimination, lack of economic opportunity, and crumbling infrastructure in the American South create an foothold in such a wealthy nation for neglected tropical diseases most often associated with developing countries. The book can be purchased here.