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Improving Health along the U.S.-Mexico Border

4/26/2021 8:38:00 AM

Join us for a virtual presentation by Dr. Christine Crudo Blackburn’s Science and Policy class. The presentation will expand the common understanding of health security along the US-Mexico border. This discussion will encompass both traditional national security considerations and border health issues that are rarely viewed through this lens. National security challenges such as disease threats to US military personnel stationed in the border region, the growing world of cyberbiosecurity, and the impact of drug cartels and cartel violence will be discussed, along with the national security and health security threats posed by health inequities and a lack of access to care. Recommendations will be provided for ways to improve health security in the border region. The event will take place on Zoom at 12:20 CDT on Tuesday, May 4. RSVP to receive Zoom link: