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The Scowcroft Infectious Disease Information Platform, or SIDIP, is an online environment aimed at increasing understanding and recognition of the issues and challenges surrounding infectious disease, particularly those with pandemic potential. SIDIP was created to bring together scientists, policy-makers, pandemic response personnel, and policy experts in a collaborative manner. One major role of SIDIP is to collect, analyze, and disseminate current research and applied work across sectors and disciplines related to global health. The primary mission is to provide analysis and knowledge that makes collaboration across sectors substantially easier.

Another purpose of SIDIP is to create original content, including expert commentary, research papers, and white papers on global health topics. This content is intended to inform and support decision-makers in the realm of public health. All content on the platform undergoes a review process to ensure that all articles and commentary are current and evidence-based.

SIDIP seeks to further the conversation around infectious disease and help researchers, government officials, and members of the public understand the threats we face as an international community. This site aims to encourage innovative thinking around preparing for and responding to diseases with pandemic potential.